Aleksandar Lazar



Monstrosity of the body,

Is when reality is displayed smoothly and directly,

The immutable reality.

It is a mirror, introspection,

Sensual exchange

Between the monster and the observer.

One common world

And the possibility of having one because of the other


I have interpreted the poem Monstrosity of the body, written by a Canadian artist Valérie Guimond. The result of that interpretation is an audiovisual artwork that represents the subject of the song (in this case myself) going through a process of introspection or spiritual, unconscious experiences. Text of the song is metaphorically represented through collage and animation of visual elements.

The artwork is made as an audiovisual contemplation that offers the viewer a possibility of achieving an inner focus and in this way accomplishing  ,,One common world and the possibility of having one because of the other”.


Aleksandar Lazar (1991) finished his BA and MA studies in the class of Dragan Momirov, at the Department of Graphic Arts (Faculty of Fine Arts) in Belgrade. Where he attended his PhD studies. In addition to his research of visual and music expressions, he examines structural parallels between music and visual media, as well as their linking and generating.