Aleksandra Kovačević & Jelena Nikolić


The road to Heaven begins in Hell. Dante Alighieri

What if I told you that you could optimize how you think about your life and circumstances in a way that allows you to solve problems more effectively, to think more critically, and explore ideas more creatively?

It’s quite clear that our thoughts are extremely powerful. Therefore, it could be said that by changing how you think about your life and circumstances, you can almost instantly alter the course of your life. But how do we do this? How do we get started?


Ask yourself:

What did I do today?

What decisions did I make?

What actions did I take?

What challenges did I face?

How did I handle these challenges?

How do I feel about all this?

Am I making any assumptions?

How else could I think about these challenges that I faced today?

What can I learn from today’s experience?

What could I have done differently?

Where could I improve for next time?

How must I adapt moving forward?

What opportunities could result from taking this action?

What if things go wrong?

What’s my plan B or C when what I expect to happen doesn’t go to plan?

Why do I do what I do? How is this of significance?

What is happening here? Why is it happening? What does it mean?

What is the problem? How did it become a problem? Why is it still a problem?

Why are things the way they are and not any different?

How does it change how I see things?

‘Life is full of problems, and the only way to improve our chances of overcoming most of these problems is to optimize how we think about them. 360 degree thinking provides you with a platform for doing exactly that. So make a commitment and take full responsibility for changing your life one thought at a time.’

Adam Sicinski, 360° Thinkingfor IQ Matrix


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Youth Cultural Center Belgrade (Serbia), 2017. photo Nemanja Knežević


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