Bob Georgeson

Bob Georgeson has remained committed to the dada protest and surrealist path since meeting the Czech born Australian surrealist Dusan Marek in Adelaide in 1970. Despite the best efforts of art teachers, critics and curators to engage him in post war isms he steadfastly refuses to believe that there is anything of interest in art since 1950 that cannot be traced back to, or has it’s origins in, the dada period. Originally slicing through the eyeball of the intersection of reality and desire with a scalpel in a series of photomontages based on the symbiotic relationship between eroticism and religion, he has more recently turned to the more cheerful subject of societal collapse and disintegration.

Tired of exhibiting in the white cube and annoyed that teenagers were making films with their i-things he turned to video art in 2012 and began working on collaborative online projects in the Creative Commons. He has since published over 60 experimental films and continues to work with musicians, artists and performers around the world from his home in a remote corner of South Eastern Australia, where he hopes to continue creating as long as his eyesight remains and he can access a steady supply of anti-arthritic analgesics.