Dorian Hirsch


My artistic practice often explores concepts of damage and repair, construction and deconstruction. “Paragenesis” deals with the metaphorical visual prosthesis of destruction/creation and the entailing new state of being that ensues from it; the addition of certain aspects that seeks to replicate the essence of what was lost. Found footage is partially destroyed and then reconstructed, adding new meaning and significance to the original. The paradox of repairing something broken is evident in the knowledge that the damage was caused for the specific purpose replacing it with something inherently different – but essentially similar in scope. The result is a piece that echoes the notions of loss, the act of regeneration, and the display of a new state of being that is only achievable via the initial destruction.

An American artist who grew up in different countries and currently based in London, I studied briefly at Central Saint Martin’s (UAL) and undertook a series of courses including at the Working Man’s College and the Slade School of Fine Art (UCL). Brought up by a single mother who taught etching at the University of Haifa, my early childhood was spent in the studio of French artist Jean-Pierre Vasarely (Yvaral). During my teens in London I befriended and frequently visited British pop artist Clive Barker, and as a graduate lived for a year with Bangladeshi artist Shahabuddin Ahmed in Mumbai.

My influences are varied and range from Pop Art, the Renaissance Masters, through to Street Art and Surrealism. My work spans the mediums, from a figurative style reminiscent of Dix, Dali and Bosch, to more conceptual videos and installations that often include sculptural elements. I have undertaken various commissions and artistic collaborations under the moniker Black Canvas, and have worked within the photography, film and advertising industry for over 15 years, on projects alongside Mario Testino, Liam Gallagher and Thandie Newton, on marketing campaigns for Smirnoff, French Connection and Dolce & Gabbana, and for clients such as Condé Nast, The Guardian and the BBC.

Dorian Hirsch