Ernesto Giacopello


I think the “experience of being” to the contemporary human is dictated mainly by their media consumption, format and content -wise. Our technology is leaning towards more intimate interaction with the body but the mind is already taken.

As a prosthetic, the psychological function is already happening, our cellphones / tablets function as limbs designed to manage virtual interaction besides their physicalities not being merged with us yet.They assist us to process reality as we know it today, a mixed experience of virtual and physical interaction, this tech-prosthetics are helping us to be human as in today standards.

So, I made a post-media zine about the interaction between the human essence and its will to cheat nature through unification with technology in order to go beyond the unknown, with some sci-fi touches and a little conspiracy theory flavor on the top.

I work with a main instagram blog @thehanged_boy where some entries function as the “zine cover” and have a link to a sub-blog (this case: @akuto_reiza) where the rest of the zine content is.