Jelena Pantelić


Good morning.
Do you like hard morning sex?
What kind of panties do you wear?
Hi baby, do you like adventures with older guys? Do they stare at you in the bus or grab your ass in the crowd? If you are a minor, call me.
What are you doing?
Are you free? Can I ask you something about my daughter?
Good morning, kiss on the pussy.
Horny this morning, like me?
Do you love rough, dominant guys?
Are your nails polished?
Are fetishes dangerous in relationships?
Good afternoon, are you for a pleasant correspondence?
Where is Klara from?
Would you like a fast handjob, nothing more? I look nice and Im from Belgrade. Want me to send you a picture? Adults only.
Hot chat?
Are you young?
What’s the matter?
I will kiss you on your favorite spot.
how are you?
Are you hedonistic?
Now, if in some other place I would not get the answer to a nice greeting, I would smile and continue, but this is a special kind of meeting so I will try again.
hello Klara.
Are you alone in the room?
How do you look?
Have you tried group sex?
Have you ever satisfied a guy that did some jail time?
Klara, are you watching porn on the net?
You must be a Hungarian from the north Serbia.
Feeling naughty today?
How many pushups can you do?
Are you married?
Would you like to blow my cock at a discrete location?
Are you a woman?
Do you want to make money? massage for fifty euros.
Hey, do you have time to write a little?
Where are you from?

The constant advances in technology have increased human ability to communicate by expanding and broadening the means by which we can interact. “Social network” has become a vital tool for daily interaction. Recent generations have grown up using the internet as a platform for socializing, consequently decreasing the need for physical interaction. Thus, the medium in which communicating commonly takes place has shifted from face-to-face conversation to conversing through a screen. As a result, there is a lack of intimate knowledge of what the person on the other side of the screen is truly feeling or what their intentions may be. While some aspects of communicating in person are lost through online interaction, there are obvious benefits. The internet provides easy access to knowledge and information, as well as a platform in which free discussion on varying topics can take place. Despite the advantages of modern technology, it is widely criticized for causing apathetic generations that are increasingly less capable of “live” communication. Although in person communication may be decreasing, social interaction is not. In fact, people are arguably becoming more social, but in a different way.

Krstarica is one of the most famous web portals from former Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav website was created on March 26, 1999. Besides its educational and entertainment content, the portal also includes a chatroom. Krstarica still uses its original aesthetics; chatroom users cannot create a personal profile, there is no accumulation of data, and every conversation deletes after logging out. Krstarica’s anonymous nature is ideal for the manifestation of various fantasies, mainly erotic. The site still maintains about 2 million users a month. In July 2017, I joined the chatroom multiple times, daily, under the pseudonym Klara. I strove to gather interesting comments that were directed towards me. I chose to concentrate on the introduction messages from the other users because they occur without any provocation aside from me merely joining the chat. These messages are a result of the initial associations and impulses the chatroom participants have with my username. Today, in a world of numerous social medial platforms, the continuous use of Krstarica in the second decade of the 21st century is very intriguing.


Jelena Pantelic was born in 1992. in Belgrade. She finished Bachelor degree studies at Sculpture departmen of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, 2017. Currently she is at the Master degree studies at the same faculty, in class of prof. Mrđan Bajić and Radoš Antonijević.

Jelena Pantelić