Jovana Sudimac

Living the swooshlife

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the monument of love




All it takes is to keep your eyes on the swoosh and listen to the sound, to join every conversation about it, truly and deeply, with sincerity. I live the swooshlife every day since 2010. When I come across a problem I tell myself: just do it, every damn day, and it helps. These are the words of ultimate encouragement, even if you have the craziest idea in the world, just recall these words, tell this to yourself, it will make you strong and ready. It helps me focus and keeps me connected. It makes me pay attention to the things I wouldn’t normally pay attention to, to go places I wouldn’t normally go to. It’s not just about the product, which is usually good, but about all the things people gave to the brand. It’s about swoosh culture. About desires and dreams of the people. Just do it is yours as well as mine. Something good to have. Swooshlife is a way towards a better world. Welcome to the swooshlife: