Kristina Tica


Kristina Tica’s video “Down” elevates the act of descent beyond its immediate physical significance, and imbues it with the notion that the end point is unknown, even irrelevant, and ultimately unreachable. More important than the destination is the journey itself, which we go through in a quasi hypnotic state, a cycle of repetitions whose minutiae vary from step to step, but are essentially similar. The entrancing and rhythmically awkward soundtrack created by the footsteps further reinforces the notion of repetition, where each step is an echo of the previous one. This is a journey that has no beginning or end, but one that is reflected in a dichotomy which mirrors the material and the spiritual: two realms that never cross over to each other but are quintessentially inseparable, and combine to form a unique and personal experience. Our experience of a journey is always more than the simple physical act of motion…

Dorian Hirsch

Kristina Tica (b.1995, Serbia) Currently based between Belgrade and London. Holds a BA degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Currently studying an MA in Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Communicaton in Belgrade. Works in a variety of media, such as painting, digital printmaking, site-specific installations and video art.

Kristina Tica