Miloš Bojović

Flea Market


Prosthetic – form of upgrading.

There are two elementary aspects of the phenomenon called prosthetic. The first one is adding* and the second is replacement**.

Artwork is made as animated photo-collage. Collage technique is act of prosthetic intervention on a visual art piece. Multiple layers putted on one another imitates the principle of adding artificial extension on a natural, „flat“ surface. Furthermore, act of making the animation out of a photographic image(s) is continuation of that extension.

Photographs which are used to create the photo-collage are documentary photographs made on a marginal part of the city. It`s suburb placed by a motorway. It`s flea market where second-hand stuffs are sold and bought in order to become stuffs with renewed “prosthetic” values. Those values existing only in context of human`s desires and human`s perception of material stuff.

*advancing, and giving power to that which it is existing

**latter medical term