Nadežda Kirćanski

Balanced, medicine blisters, 35 x 30 x 7 cm, 2017.




ambiental installation, combined technique, dimensions variable, 2017.

Situated in a completely darkened place, the work functioned as a site-specific installation with a catacomb-alike ambient. The work is consisted of five lightboxes, under which tin drawers with water and lighted candles are hooked. Projected images are snapshots of the public profiles which I have found on Facebook that belong to the people who deceased, but whose personal profiles nonetheless remained active on that social network, maintained and updated by their closest ones. The intention I had in this work is to problematize the phenomenon of the adaptation of funerary customs onto the new platform – virtual space.

“Once verbalized, the individual’s memories are fused with the inter-subjective symbolic system of language and are, strictly speaking, no longer a purely exclusive and unalienable property… They can be exchanged, corroborated, confirmed, corrected, disputed – and written down.” Alleida Assman

When speaking of death and everything that follows, it is obvious that every word or gesture is somehow redundant. There is no stand to take, position to be criticized – it just happens. However, when we do face it, we certainly take some position in relation to it. That position reflects our relation with the deceased one, or better say, with the memory of her/him. (15).gif



Nadežda Kirćanski (1992) has earned her BFA and MFA degrees from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade at the department of Sculpture. Achieved her first solo exhibition in 2016. Participated in numerous group art exhibitions and collaborative art projects. Throughout her artistic practice she tends to exploit the contents of the obtainable reality and by that start a dialogue through which it is might possible to reshape it. Engaged in the research of the notion of space: public, private and virtual, and the notion of memorial. Focused on expanding fields of artistic practice and gaining new experiences through independent as well as collaborative work. Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.